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Jacob is a shy sixteen year old student who isn't very popular at school. Looking forward to the day he graduates, he keeps a low profile just wanting to get through the rest of it quietly. One day coming home from school, Jacob sees a family is moving in next door. He notices the oldest daughter is a cute girl around the same age as him. To his surprise, the girl named Kaylee used to be his best childhood friend! It's been eight years since they have last seen each other, but now they will be next door neighbors. Kaylee, who has an outgoing and friendly personality will make Jacob's quiet, boring life a little more interesting.

October 13th, 2015, 5:29 am

Anime USA

I will be at Anime USA on Halloween weekend sharing a table with BakaMonMon. It'll be our first big convention so we're really excited! I received the proof for the first volume of OTBS, so after I finalize and if all goes well, I will be selling some books at the con!

I am going through CreateSpace for printing, and had a problem with the screentones (which resulted in having to re-tone EVERY page) but fixed it up and it's looking pretty good now. I feel like the difficult part is over and I have the next few weekends to update both comics and make some new buttons and other things to sell.

So if anyone is going to Anime USA on Halloween, stop by and say hi!!

Here's a sneak peek at the book ;D

October 17th, 2014, 5:57 am


Hi All!

I know I just started posting new pages again, but I will be going on vacation to Disney World. So that's good news for me because it is a MUCH needed get-away. But for my readers, unfortunately there will be another delay. I should be back to posting updates again by the beginning of November.

July 22nd, 2014, 7:06 am

I'm Back

Hello everyone! It's been way long since I posted anything, but to my readers who have been around for a while will probably notice many changes with the older pages up until mid chapter 2. Throughout the week I will be replacing more pages. I have thought for a long long while whether I wanted to keep the old pages as they are and create a brand new site for OTBS, or keep replacing them as I have been. Or I would delete all of the pages on here and start posting them all over again. The problem with replacing pages is that most of the comments are irrelevant since the comments are from 2008 and 2009. But I love looking back at comments periodically since they remind me why I work on this comic. I even thought if I deleted all of the pages, I would take screenshots of all of them and save them to my computer. But that would be a lot of work, and I don't think a lot of people read the comments as much as I do, right? ^^;; I will also mention that SteelFanged is helping me with rewriting much of it, correcting my mistakes, grammar and making the words flow much better. He's done a great job so far!

It still feels kind of scattered updating the later pages, then the earlier pages. I did however make a new site with the original pages which can be read HERE. Once the old pages are completely finished, I will resume with updating new pages.

I am posting this on InkBlazers as well

I started working on a webcomic with Sol called Goddess Shariah. So far the cover is posted on SJ Here. This webcomic started a few years ago, but now we're re-working it and posting that on InkBlazers as well. Pages will be posted ahead on Inkblazers, please show your support!

Thanks everyone for bearing with all the changes, but I hope they are for the better!

October 12th, 2013, 6:09 am

Couple of Things

Hi Everyone!

Although I haven't posted any new pages in.. uh.. 5 months, if you look back at mid chapter 3, you'll see those pages are finished. I'm pretty happy how they turned out. For those who don't know, back in 2010 we had what was called "March Madness" where a page was drawn everyday for the month of March. The result: I had 31 very rushed pages. I had a week off mid September which allowed me to get all of them finished inked, as well as many other older pages. So new pages will still be a while.

Work is going okay, I am officially in HR and no longer in customer service. I'm sort of still doing the graphic design intern thing too. My supervisor is great and I like the people in my department. It's A LOT to learn, but it's fast paced and never a dull moment. I will be getting my annual review hopefully Tuesday, it should go well (and hoping for a nice raise!) *fingers crossed*

It is official, I am going to Disney World next year with my bestie BakaMonMon! We'll be going the week before Halloween in 2014. I may start doing commissions to try and save more.
We are also going to be doing a panel at Kotoricon 2014 on webcomics. This is the first time doing something like this, so I'm kind of scared >< but I think BakaMonMon and I make a great team so it should go good. We're still waiting to see if we got our tables approved, but I will let you guys know. :D

August 4th, 2013, 2:11 pm

It's been a while

Hi everyone! A lot has been going on lately as you may have guessed from lack of updates. I haven't really had the motivation to sit and draw lately. One reason is because I just started an internship earlier this month as a graphic designer at my place. There were a lot of ups and downs... but either way, I'm still there and it'll be something to put on my resume. It's a bit of an odd situation because I'm actually working with Human Resources helping to design some flyers and some pages on their website. The graphics department is in another building which I go to everyday for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I'm also doing some odd jobs here and there for HR and now helping the benefits department. It's a lot of running around and being trained to do everything. By the end of the day I'm completely drained. I'm just doing this to get experience and if I don't get the position, I can start job hunting for something better.

In a couple of weeks I will be at Intervention Con again this year, so come visit me! I will probably have nothing much new, but I'm excited! :DD

Next month I have a week vacation (FINALLY!!!) hopefully I can get some work on the comic done!

February 24th, 2013, 6:14 am

Changing the Site and Upcoming Conventions

If you've been visiting the OTBS site (or maybe reading through the comic) you probably noticed things changing and moving around each time the page refreshes. I'm still going to be messing around with it, so don't worry, you're not going crazy. I'm just indecisive. :)

So far I will be at 2 conventions, I will be at T-MODE April 19- 21 sharing a table with BakaMonMon and we'll also be at Intervention Con August 23-25. So mark your schedules and come visit! :3

P.S. And yes I did change the little voting Jacob heads too.

March 14th, 2012, 5:09 pm

Chat box is back up! And other stuff :P

Yup, so I found a new chat box and it is now on the site! The old one was no longer free, so of course I couldn't keep it. Hopefully this one will last longer and works okay :)

I got accepted to Intervention Con, which again I will be at along with BakaMonMon. I will be better prepared for this convention, so all I have to do now is show up, which I believe is the end of September. More details later when I'm not too lazy to look at my calendar. But I cannot wait, it'll be so much fun!

Also, I am working on the OTBS shop, because Zazzle isn't really doing anything for me. So far I will be selling bookmarks and buttons that I have made, and maybe throw in something a little extra with every purchase. ;D As soon as I can get paypal all worked out, I'll let you all know.

December 29th, 2011, 7:21 am

9 days until Kotoricon!

Kotoricon is coming up quickly, a little over a week away! I'm really busy preparing, so updates will be on hold until the convention is over. It's one day only, on January 7th at the Gloucester County College (my college!) and I'm really excited that it's so close to home! :D Hope to see some of you there!