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akaAkiraHikari, June 17th, 2009, 10:26 am

First! Woot! Haha, okay, I can't wait to meet Melanie!!!

Ticket to Motherwoooood!, June 17th, 2009, 10:48 am

Oh... dear. She thinks it's going to be easy reconnecting.

TacoTotes, June 17th, 2009, 5:37 pm

I don't know how I feel about this Melany.

Great comic so far, cute style, cute story :) I look forward to seeing more! Faved!

HaivenAngel, June 18th, 2009, 6:34 pm

aw poor jacob >w<

Neko Jenta, June 19th, 2009, 6:19 am

oooh no. melany's gonna be one of those preppy kinda girls who will think that she's weird. >.<


lovesfirstkiss, June 21st, 2009, 4:35 pm

He finally makes a move and wham!

lazy_kitsune, July 15th, 2009, 3:32 am

Aww, poor Jacob. He didn't even get an answer. D:

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