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January 28th, 2010, 4:34 am


I'm currently redoing OTBS, and will be replacing the old comic pages.
Here's a sneak preview on how much I change the layouts for when I redo my comic. I'm going to keep the dialogue and layouts pretty much the same, just make it look a little prettier, up to date, and fix all of my mistakes. To me, it's just funny to look at side by side.

I'm just not sure whether to do it one page at a time, or all at once (it may take me a REALLY long time, like a year)

I also want my webcomic to look (a little) more professional and consistant. I'm also going to try and attempt to publish it once I'm done redoing the whole thing. Even if it's just a copy for myself to have in my own hands. ^^

I will still be updating once a week like I normally do, and I will be keeping the old chapters on my deviantArt page. So you can always go there if you ever want to look back on my crappy old artwork. ^_^;;;

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