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May 3rd, 2010, 10:28 am


Okay, I guess I can say now that OTBS is on a haitus. I thought I would have a page done by now but a lot has been going on. But when I'm finished classes May 14th, updates should be back to normal (once to twice a week). More details about that here on my DA journal -->

Also I recieved beautiful fanart by CGsomnium, go check it out here in the fanart section! CG's so good with colors, I'm jealous! XD Thank you so much again CG!

One more thing, I posted an Author section too. Though there's not much info about me yet, there will be once I figure that out. I'm not good with talking about myself >.< But there's plenty of websites that you can stalk me on now! 8D

That's all for now! ^_^ <3

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